Paralysis Ticks

The Paralysis Tick – Ixodes Holocyclus

Paralysis Tick can Kill.
If you find a paralysis tick on your animal phone the clinic for advice
Symptoms can continue to worsen after the tick is removed.

The Problem

The paralysis tick season is from August until February however we do see cases throughout the year. They are found particularly in areas where native wildlife exists including bushland, creeks and backyards. The tick attaches to your pet as they brush foliage and once attached they start injecting toxin and engorge with blood.

The Symptoms

The toxin binds to nerves causing paralysis of muscles throughout the body.
Symptoms commonly seen are:

  • Wobbliness and paralysis in the hind legs
  • Laboured Breathing
  • Change of voice
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Drooling
  • Coughing/Gagging
  • Glazed look in the eyes

If your pet displays any of these signs TREATMENT IS ESSENTIAL as soon as possible. Even if the tick has already been killed and removed clinical signs will continue to worsen due to the toxin still circulating in your pet’s blood stream.


Treatment involves injection of a tick antiserum to counteract the tick toxin. Your pet will be admitted to the clinic and hospitalised for a minimum of 48 hours for treatment, monitoring and recovery.

Once your pet shows a good ability to walk and swallow they can be sent home.

At home strict rest and a cool stress free environment is required for 2 weeks.


  • Check your pet regularly. Especially shoulders, face, ears and between the digits. We recommend daily tick searches during tick season.
  • Frontline / Advantix are both spot on products that applied every 2 weeks will kill ticks and Frontline spray applied every 3 weeks.
  • Permoxin / Fido’s Rinse can be used as a bath or in a spray bottle
  • Kiltix and Preventic tick collars last up to 2 months
  • Proban is an oral organophosphate tablet given every 2nd day.

NB: No products will guarantee 100% prevention of ticks but are definitely necessary during tick season.

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