Our Nurses & Administration

Andrea Hicks - Reception & Nurse

Andrea can boast 30 years experience in Veterinary Nursing, Veterinary merchandising and 15 of those years have been spent at Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery. Andrea has a great knowledge of Veterinary products has many years of experience in Surgical Nursing. Andrea is a fantastic and skilled nurse both in medicine but particularly in Surgery and is also our resident expert on maintaining our blood testing machines. Andrea is a member of our Puppy Preschool team.

Cheryl Torado - Nurse & Practice Manager

Cheryl joined Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery as a young Nurse in 1992 and has worked in every capacity from Nurse to Practice Manager, IT Specialist, Human Resources and keeping the whole ship floating. Cheryl’s infectious laugh and great organisational skills are closely followed by her ability to organise a chocolate cake.

Alison Tomasich - Nurse

Alison, (Ali)  joined us in May 2013 after having had a break from vet nursing, interupted by dental nursing and IT she felt compelled to return her passion - caring for animals. Ali has been around animals all her life from horses,cows, dogs and cats - she shares her home with them all still. Ali's strengths are her attention to detail, spotting issues and her tidy gene - things will always be put back orderly and where they "should be". Ali is a great advocate for that special care of all the animals in hospital, recovery patients and medical cases are always very closely monitored and managed. Alis is a great all- rounder and a great team worker. 

Eleisha Kooymans- Nurse and Grooming

Eleisha joined us in early 2014 to follow in the footsteps of her mother Kerrie who has worked with us for over 20 years. Eleisha has been part of ACVet work force for most of her life in varied functions and her passion, good humour and get along and get it done attitude is fantastic on those busy days. Eleisha also leads our grooming area and has built this up tremendously in a very short period of time. Eleisha has been around animals all her life and her manner always settles and reassures all the animals. Your pets will always be reassured and calmed by Eleisha.

Kerrie Kooymans - Nurse

Kerrie joined Albany Creek Veterinary Surgery in 1988 and has been here since for which we are all grateful. Kerry has a wonderful way with all animals of any temperament. Kerrie is experienced in every aspect of Veterinary Nursing and also looks after stocking of Medicines and Equipment. Apart from knowing nearly every client Kerrie knows where to get every conceivable product to keep us stocked and running smoothly. Kerrie is also a member of our Puppy Preschool team.

Olivia Coates - Nurse

Olivia joined us in 2014 and has become a wonderful member of staff in a very short period. Olivia has energy and passion to burn and is now well under way in her full training for Vet Nurse qualifications after locating to Queensland from South Australia. Always ready for a busy day and keen to get things organised Olivia takes great pride in ensuring all the care boxes are ticked for the animals you have entrusted into our care.

Melissa Quinlin - Nurse

Melissa joined Albany Creek Vet Surgery in 2005 and has become a wonderful member of our nursing team in caring for patients through monitoring anaesthetics and post op care to reception. Melissa has a wonderful capacity to be always happy and smiling. We are all grateful for her wonderful contribution to the team. Melissa is currently completing her nurse training.

Irmi Chamberlain - Office

Irmi uploads and updates our data base once to twice weekly to ensure all your animals details from blood results, after-hours consultations or specialists visits are added to your pets file. Irmi does a great job in taking great pride in assuring her job is done with 100% accuracy. It is always great for the vets to know the information will be filed and recorded and thus quickly accessed when needed.

Meagan Hickey - Nurse and grooming

Meaghan is a graduated Vet Technology student from the University of Queensland with strong family influences of animal care. Meaghan studied full time at the University of Queensland to attain her full certificate and is now a valuable member of our team in both nursing and at AC Groom. Meaghan's family have bred award winning stud cattle contributing to her natural ease and confidence with animals.Meaghan contributes wonderfully to the team with her knowledge and animal care skills.

Karyn Hampson - Grooming

Karyn has been grooming for many years including her role as a grooming trainer for TAFE students for a number of years. Karyn`s greatest two assets are her ability to keep animals calm and do a great job while your pet is relaxed while in her care. Karyn loves the perfect "finish" and takes great pride in her work.  You can be well assured that your pet will feel relaxed around Karyn with her calm animal routine and come away looking good after her finishes. 

Louie Roffey - Nurse

Louie joined us in July 2017 and is currently completing Vet Tech training in vet nursing at the University of Queensland. Louie came to the business to do practical work as part of her course and after fitting into the team so well, we offered her a part-time post until she graduates. Louie has always had a great ambition to be in the animal industry from a young age. Louie has quickly fitted into our team and applies her tertiary education knowledge but adds to that practical great animal care and client customer care. Louie is a local Albany Creeker and lives at home with two dogs, a cat and a horse.  

Marina Simic - Nurse

Marina joined us in 2016 as part of the grooming team. Marina has always been an animal person and from the early days of her life, where back in her native Slovenia she became the local carer of wildlife and stray animals to rescue and treat. Marina is currently completing her vet nurse training to add to her natural care and knowledge of animals. Marina also devotes her spare time to the Samford RDA (Riding Develops Abilities – a charity devoted to using horses to help development in people). Marina remains a member of both the nursing and grooming team.

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